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Vezi centrul de joc al comunității Despre acest joc Are you bored at home during the epidemic? As the United Kingdom and the EU have just introduced bans on gatherings of more than 6 people, in such cases, how can we play with friends?

Evenimente in Timisoara? Vremea moinesti? Locuri de munca in Oradea.

We still need to be social however, and we need entertainments for ourselves too. Keep social, keep vibrant, and keep together.

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This game will help. This game has a noval way of playing: Party mode.

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By creating a game party, and send a room code to your friends, they can join and play with you. Above is an example. Let's go fishing, and bombing schools of fishes with shinny cannons! This is a game that allows you to creat fishing game parties, letting friends or family members to play together in a party pool.

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By creating a game party, and sending a 7-digit party secret passcode to your friends and family members, they can join in your party and play with you, on a private game server. Întâlniri ocazionale Oxford can also shot on your friends too, and this is your own game party. Each player will also get a starter pack ofgold coins, and your friends will also get a smaller mini-starter pack 10, coins as soon as they log in for the first time.

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The gold coins in the starter pack will automatically turn into bullets, cannonballs and shuttles in the game, which are used to catch various schools întâlniri ocazionale Oxford golden fish. The fish caught will also turn into new gold coins according to their respective values.

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You can use gold coins to open new parties, buy new equipments, draw a lottery in exchange for more special effects, and unlock more party games. You can chat with friends while playing.

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You can unlock more and more party games with your coins earned. Cerinţe de sistem.

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