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These are devices that raises or lowers the frequency of the output electric current. An electrical motor powered by lower frequency spins its shaft at a lower speed.

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A motor powered at a higher frequency spins its shaft at a higher speed. F is the frequency of the electric current and P is the number of poles of the motor. The value obtained N is the synchronous speed because the motor is not in load, ie it only spins its shaft.

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The higher the load, the greater the slip. All electric motors have an identification plate attached to the motor with rivets. This plate should tell you everything there is to know about your motor.

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Here is an example. In the example above we have a 4-pole motor.

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In load, this motor rotates with a speed of RPM. Yet the manufacturer specifies a nominal speed of RPM. In practice, this slip will be smaller and I explain below why. The gear-motor connects the electric motor shaft with the drum shaft.

Each gear motor has an identification plate attached.

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Through a system of gears, this gear motor slows down the speed of the electric motor shaft by 20 times the ratio. Powered with less than 60 Hz, it will have a Drume ii de drume ie slip which by my estimation is 2.

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I verified the calculation with a tachometer like this. To use this tachometer, remove the round cover from the faceplate.

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It houses one of the bearings on which the drum shaft sits. Now you can measure and check its speed using the tachometer above. What will be the drum RPM? The gear-motor de-multiplication factor is You can check this value with the tachometer.

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The actual speed could differ due to aged bearings or electrical tension fluctuations.