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Investigation of sedimentation rates and sediment dynamics in Danube Delta lake system Romania by Pb dating method J Environ Radioact. Epub Jun Electronic address: hedvigsimon yahoo.

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Kogălniceanu BlvdSector 5,Bucharest, Romania. DOI: Being a sensible to all processes occurring in its catchment area, information is stored in the deposited sediments, which can be used as tracers for natural and anthropogenic processes.

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The aim of this study is to determine a detailed reconstruction of the sedimentation rates in the last century by applying the Pb dating method validated by Cs profiles. Additionally, the impacts of the construction of river-regulating structures mainly the Iron Gates Hydro-Energetic Power Plants are investigated, along with the assessment of natural phenomena floods, storms etc.

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To achieve this, 26 sediment cores from seven lakes were collected. From the assessed lakes, the most Unicis Dating Site was the Matița Lake with a maximum sedimentation rate of Average sedimentation rates are: 0.

Physical parameters water content, porosity and bulk density and LOI organic matter and inorganic carbon content were determined for each core to differentiate organic and non-organic sedimentation.

Beside the natural influences, it is difficult to track the effects of the Iron Gates and not all analysed lakes were suitable for this task.

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Sedimentation rates show growths of 3 times afterthe most affected being the two northern lakes 3 times increase in both Matița Lake and Merhei Lake and the four central lakes 2 times in case of Cuibida Lake, 3 times in Iacob Lake, 3 times in Isac Lake and 4 times in Uzlina Lake with an average increase of 3 times, while the southern one Cruhlig Lake 2 times. Keywords: Pb dating method; Danube delta; Sedimentation rates.

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